Experience at AMAL, TBT.

Muhammad Usman
Oct 16, 2020

So my journey at AMAL was like a trip to a beautiful place, somewhere far far away, beyond the mountains with the beautiful sceneries, and to reach that beautiful place the wrecked and bumpy paths and difficult roads that are needed to be crossed, as it is said that, “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”, similarly the journey at AMAL might be a bit difficult, but the results are fruitful.

Beautiful destinations

So these are some beautiful destinations after really hard paths. By looking at these pictures I can recall mine first two weeks at AMAL, mostly the start to achieve something beautiful or something great, it always takes courage and it is always hard to start, thinking about all the hardships, all the difficulties, all the barriers, it some times make u really frustrated. But at the same time when you think about the beautiful scenery or the beautiful and fruitful results, it makes us motivates to achieve our goals.

On a journey, we discover a lot of beautiful and unknown places and we create some amazing memories, similarly, this fellowship at AMAL is also a journey, and I have created a lot of beautiful memories, met amazing people, made a lot of amazing friends and discovered a lot of things about my own self, and these are the things that will help me in shaping my future. In short, the journey at AMAL is amazing.