Muhammad Usman
2 min readJul 24, 2020



I’d recall some of the good acts that I’ve done in past

Ramadhan Drives

I and my friends or my colleagues from our society in university, we try to do some welfare work too, and every Ramadhan we arrange some Iftaari’s at public places and that gives us a feeling of satisfaction. This world we are so running after ia not important at all, its just a test , an exam for what is coming after, and we need to be prepared for that too.

Winter Drive

So, in this winter drive we did some fundraising in hostels, university, from friends and family too. We had enough money to buy winter stuff i.e jackets and sweaters etc for children at SOS and poor people who can’t afford. Then we went to SOS children’s village and other places where the stuff was needed. I still remember the beautiful smile on those faces. We must take care of the less fortunates too. One can achieve inner peace and satisfaction by serving humanity.

Blood camp;

In this blood camp we arranged more than 70 bags of blood, we (our team) donated too and other students and staff donated too, which is enough to save alot of people. As it is said in Qur’an

“if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.” – Quran 5:32

Helping my brother in his studies;

I help my brother in his studies, as he is in school, I use to teach him maths regularly and any other subject when he needs my help. We should always be there for our siblings.

Helping my parents;

I usually help my parents in their daily chores, as I don’t have any sister, so I help my mother in her chores and also if my father needs anything or he had some work to do so I do it for him.