Muhammad Usman
1 min readJul 31, 2020

#smartgoal #takestart #doAMAL

Doing IELTS is one of my goals, I’ve developed it into a smart goal and following are the first three steps that will help me achieve it;

  1. Online study, that can be reading or watching videos that will help me build my skills, and I have already started it .
  2. Practice more and more all the things that I’ve learned.
  3. Start an IELTS course.

I just stated preparation for IELTS.

I wanna do IELTS because I’m also thinking of studying abroad if I get a chance and IELTS is needed for that, so its better that I am prepared for it.

I wanted to start preparation from long time but there was always something, and I wouldn’t take start, but if we wanna do something we must take start, we have to begin even from a little step, so I just started my preparation.

Now I am feeling really good about it that I took start and I have learned much about IELTS.

Taking start is the hard part, once you take start than you can do it.