I care about ENVIRONMENT

Muhammad Usman
3 min readAug 14, 2020

I care about environment because I love our earth, I love the place we live in, I love the place that is providing us everything, and it needs to be saved, it is getting destroyed day by day and we are all equally responsible for its destruction. It may seem quite good to us but we really are destroying it by not taking good care of it, its not something hard to take good care of it, but the thing is that we are being careless. Whether it our vehicles, or the use of plastic bags, or deforestation, or dumping of trash in he wrong place, or the use of plastic bottles or dumping trash into rivers and seas, these all and much more other things are destroying it and the point is that its all our doings, we are not being careful. We can do good for our self and our future generation if we started to being careful.

I would discuss the issues in our country, first of all one of the main things that is leading towards the destruction is deforestation, Pakistan has the highest annual rate of deforestation in ASIA, and in Pakistan forests covers less than 3% of the country’s land. Forests provide us oxygen, it provides habitat to million of the animals, it maintains our eco system. By deforestation we are not just removing trees but we are also destroying our planet, and it is leading towards global warming. We must stop deforestation for the sake of our benefits.

Deforestation in SWAT Pakistan.

Another main issue is that people are destroying water by throwing trash which includes plastics, and also spilling their houses waste and industries waste into canals , rivers and the sea. It not only destroys the water for us but also endangers the lives of the species living, and in our daily lives we came across such issues whether on social media or broadcasting or print media in which we see the endangered species because of such acts.

Water pollution in Pakistan

Another issue that when tourists visit northern areas of Pakistan, they don’t take care of that place, they would eat there and would leave all the trash there, they would drink water from bottle or they would drink the cold drinks and would threw the bottles in there, they would threw the plastics in the surroundings, most of the people does such ill acts. People would spend thousands on their trips and meals but they feel ashamed of carrying their trash with them to dump it in the right place. Its destroying our nature, northers areas are the beauty of our beautiful country, its the main spot for tourism and tourism can really help in building up our country’s economy, we must save our nature.

This is what people do when they visit northern areas