Positive Reflection

Muhammad Usman
3 min readOct 9, 2020

Ummmm, how do I start this?????

how do I put it into words?

I am not good at putting things, my thoughts, and my feelings etcetera into words, into words that would explain it with the emotions that are inside of me.

I would just start it, the way I started my journey at AMAL, the way it all began. It all started when I was sitting and received a text from my friend as he was an AMAL fellow at that time and he invited me to AMAL. He told me all about AMAL. I got a bit interested in it and I applied. The selection process happened and I got selected and was put into a batch with my fellows. These fellows are really so amazing and awesome. These people are I think the most positive people I ever met, the way they appreciate you even on your little achievements. The teachers are the best, they are so serious about every small detail, about the progress of each and every fellow, they are just amazing. AMAL really had a positive impact on me, it changed me in many ways taught me a lot of things, and it changed my way of thinking.

I would talk about the incident when we were in the middle of the fellowship, or it was like the fifth week of the fellowship, my exams started, I got a little behind schedule, and then I had to complete my thesis, my mini-projects, my lab copies, I had my interviews, my GAT test, my vivas and my final year project presentation in the same month. These all things were in the same month, the burden was so much, I literally suffered from, I also had to complete my PW’s and AMAL courses, which was really hard for me, I thought of quitting AMAL so many times, Somehow I managed to complete everything, but I was really so behind in AMAL, I missed sessions, but thanks to my dear sir he talked me through it and motivated me, now we are just at second last week and I am doing great.

After this incident, I promised to my self never to give up, no matter how hard might the situation may be, we should always look on the bright side, like all the things that AMAL taught me, all the amazing friends and fellows at AMAL, think about what you can achieve, about your goals, these are the things that will keep you motivated and will help you in reaching your destination.

Another amazing thing at AMAL is my accountability partner. Like these are the people that will keep a check on you, will ask you if you need any help and assistance, and also will ask for your help and assistance if needed. I am a bit of a dumb partner, but my accountability partner is amazing, my partner always assists me and always helps me in every way that I need.

Now when I look back three months ago I feel a lot of changes, all the positive changes that I have because of AMAL, AMAL made me more motivated for my goals and it helped me a lot in understanding how to achieve them, I will apply all the things that I learned at AMAL to achieve my goals. I am just thankful to my amazing teachers for the things that they taught me and helped me to become a better version of myself.