Taking flight

Muhammad Usman
2 min readOct 23, 2020

So in your life, you always come around people, meet new people, make friends, make memories, in one way or another. And it's a reality that everything comes to an end, whether it’s good or bad. But there are people that you wish, would stay forever in your life, that you wish and make them a part of your life.

So last Sunday was our last official AMAL session, it was a goodbye session, but it's a goodbye to the work and studies, not the people, not to the friends. Still, I enjoyed every bit of it, especially the scavenger hunt, we had to solve the puzzles, and then we had to find the item, take a picture with it and collect as many items as we can. It was really fun and later on when I found that those pictures were used to make our AMAL diary, it made my day, it was amazing, I was going through something that day and when I saw the diary, it just made my day, it was love, thanks a lot for that sir, I will always keep it with my self.

I wanna say thanks to my dear sir Hamza and dear ma’am Nimra, thanks a lot for teaching us so many things, thanks a lot for polishing us, thanks a lot for always being there for us, you people are so amazing, you are the best.

I also wanna say thanks to my each and every AMAL fellow, I’ve made a lot of friends, you people are really great and awesome, always there for each other, learned a lot from you guys.

Staying in touch with my teachers and with each and every fellow is really important to me, as AMAL taught us to always be there for each other and help each other. So, I will always be there for each and everyone, because these amazing people are a part of my life now and I want it forever.

I will make good use of all the things that I’ve learned from AMAL, I will help others with the things that I have learned and will teach others too. I hope it will help me a lot in my future, thankyou AMAL academy.

Stay happy and blessed everyone.